What shows are people watching?

There are many websites that allow you to watch your favorite shows online. This websites have also come up with original content exclusively for its users. Take full advantage of this original shows, and know what people are saying about them.

Netflix has the most extensive selection, with literally thousands of titles to choose from. Not all of this titles are original, but Netflix is one of the leading streaming websites with the most nominations for its original content. Some of the titles that may come to mind are Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, and Unbreakable: Kimmy Schmidth. These shows are very well liked amongst Netflix users, but there many other hidden gems that are waiting to be seen.

Hulu Plus is known for having newer episodes of the shows you are watching; however, they have been trying to follow in on Netflix's footsteps. Hulu has been focusing more on comedies, but has gotten more recognition amongst critiques for its drama 11.22.63. Hulu has also picked up cancelled shows. The Mindy Project is one of Hulu's re-owned shows. The show was cancelled after season 2, however Hulu continued it, and it is now a Hulu Original Series.

Amazon Prime has plenty of the same titles as Netflix and Hulu Plus, but since it’s still pretty new, the library isn’t yet as extensive. Amazon has launced at least 5 new original shows in the past 5 months. Mr. Robot was the pioneer of Amazon Video, and along the way Amazon has still continued to make a few new acclaimed shows. Although Amazon offers no Original Documentarie, unlike its competitors, it does offer more kid friendly Original shows. Right now, Amazon has maintained the balance by having 5 original comedies and 5 original drama series, but it is still planning to launch several shows during the next few months.